Company Overview - Guangzhou YBJ Technology Co., Limited
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Guangzhou YBJ Technology Co., Limited
Pemasok multi-spesialisasi
Produk utama: Pencetakan buku, kartu Game, tas kertas, kotak kertas, Notebook
Annual export US $1,064,389Finished product inspectionFull customizationSample-based customization
  • ≤10h
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  • 100.0%
    Tingkat pengiriman tepat waktu
  • US $540,000+
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Profil Perusahaan
Unduh laporan
by TüVRheinland
Tanggal pendaftaran perusahaan2011-04-08
Luas lantai(㎡)116
Pendapatan ekspor tahunan (USD)1064389
Bahasa yang diterimaEnglish
Tahun mengekspor11
Tahun di industri11
Kemampuan produksi
Mesin produksi38
Kontrol kualitas
Dukungan Produk ketertelusuran bahan bakuYes
Metode pemeriksaan produkInspection of all products, Random inspection, According to client's requirement
Pemeriksa QA/QC3
Latar belakang perdagangan
Pasar utamaNorth America(30%), Western Europe(10%), Northern Europe(10%)
Mitra rantai pasokan3
Jenis klien utamaRetailer, Wholesaler, Brand business
Kemampuan R&D
Opsi kustomisasilight customization, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand, light customization, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand
Produk baru yang diluncurkan pada tahun lalu200
Staf teknis R&D6
Tingkat pendidikan staf teknis R&D3 graduate, 3 juniorCollege
Ulasan Perusahaan (7)
4.5 /5
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Lora was very kind, helpfull and profesional. The quality of the bags is excellent.
    I am extremely dissatisfied with the recent purchase of bags. The bags we received have proven to be of extremely poor quality, as they tear easily and do not meet the agreed-upon standards. Unfortunately, this has had a negative impact on our experience as customers. Furthermore, I am disappointed to note that despite raising this issue with you, there have been no proactive solutions or responses provided by your end to address our concerns. This experience falls far below our expectations and the standards of service we anticipated when we chose to do business with you. As a result, I feel compelled to express my dissatisfaction by leaving a negative review regarding the quality of the bags and the lack of assistance or resolution from your side. I believe that open communication and the willingness to rectify issues are essential for maintaining a good business relationship, and I hope that you will take this fee
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